Sunday School


10:30am & 6:00pm Worship Services | Wednesday - 7PM Bible Study

Sunday School

Our Sunday School Program is for all ages. Three adult classes, young adult, middle, or seniors, allow you to choose to learn where you learn best.

When your little ones go to Sunday school, they will find the age-appropriate Bible teaching their young minds are so eager to absorb. Sunday school teachers plan the lessons with the comprehension level and interest of any age in mind. Many Sunday school teachers will incorporate fun activities, like crafts and skits, into the lesson so your children will be able to remember them.

Then there are the friends! If you want your children to make more friends, Sunday school is a great place to find them. As they learn and play together on Sunday mornings, they will be able to form healthy friendships with children whose parents have the same priorities as you. If you start consistently bringing your kids to Sunday school when they’re young, they will forever learn the good habits of church attendance. For the rest of their lives, they’ll benefit from the knowledge and experience they gained in Sunday school.

If you’re looking for a great church to get your family plugged into, look no further than Moraine City First Church of God. You’ll quickly find you you and your kids are part of a loving community. Sunday School Starts at 9:30am every Sunday. If you have questions, please contact Jodi Decker.