COVID-19 Church Resumption Guidelines


10:30am & 6:00pm Worship Services | Wednesday - 7PM Bible Study

Loosening of the restrictions places more Responsibility on each Individual

1. Stay home if you are ill or have a fever. If possible, please take your temperature before coming to church. If you  have a fever for any reason, please refrain from attending service and watch online.
2. Use hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands. We will have hand sanitizer at the front door as you enter the building.
3. Masks must be worn anytime you are in the building and not seated. Once you are seated, use your discretion in removing masks. Be careful to cough or sneeze into your elbow if your mask is off. 
4. Keep social distancing (at least six feet) and stay in family groups. 
5. Secure boxes to deposit tithes and offerings are located at the main entrance. No offering will be collected during service.
6. Take all of  your personal possessions with you as you leave.
7. Keep your distance when leaving the church and please go directly to your car (no lingering, hugging etc. for everyone’s safety).
8. Finally, if you are one of the most vulnerable members (age or chronic conditions) please consider not physically attending until the crisis eases.