COVID-19 Church Resumption Guidelines


10:30am & 6:00pm Worship Services | Wednesday - 7PM Bible Study

Loosening of the restrictions places more Responsibility on each Individual

1. Stay home if you are ill or have a fever. If possible, please take your temperature before coming to church. We will take everyone’s temperature with a “no touch” thermometer at the door. If your temperature is 100 degrees or above, we will ask you to refrain from attending service.

2. To maintain social distancing requirements, we can only have 60-70 people per service. Therefore, we will have two services each Sunday morning. One at 9:00 a.m. and the second at 11:00 a.m. Additionally, there will be no choir.

3. Only the main entrance will be unlocked and will be used as an entrance and exit. The doors will be held open so that people need not touch door handles.

4. Bathrooms will be restricted. The only bathroom available for use will be the new Unisex bathroom. The woman’s bathroom will be open as a baby changing station only. Please wash your hands and wipe down any surfaces you come in contact with.

5. Keep social distancing (at least six feet) and stay in family groups.

6. Take all your personal possessions and used tissues with you as you leave.

7. Unfortunately, there can be no physical contact at all.

8. Use hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands. We will have hand sanitizer at the front door as you enter the building.

9. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and cough.

10. Wear masks and gloves if possible.

11. Keep your children with you at all times. Please do not let them wander or have social contact with non-family members.

12. There will be no bulletins.

13. Hymnals & bibles have been removed for safety. Music will be projected on the walls.

14. Offerings will be taken as you enter and/or leave church.

15. Keep your distance when leaving the church and please go directly to your car (no lingering for everyone’s safety).

16. Altar calls will be in your pew

17. No Sunday School, Children’s Church, Sunday evening services, or Wednesday evening activities.

18. Please stay until the end of service and you will be dismissed by rows.

19. Finally, if you are one of the most vulnerable members (age or chronic conditions) please consider not physically attending until the crisis eases and we have a good handle on our procedures.